About Dish Ultimate

Dish is excited to kick off our 18th season as a Chicago women’s ultimate team! Every year, we strive to be a highly competitive team—while never forgetting to have FUN. Each player brings a diverse background and unique set of abilities that contributes to making us, as a team and as individuals, even stronger. We are a group of women with enthusiasm to learn and commitment to making Dish the best we can be—and we’re eager to add some new faces!

Dish History

In 2000, Deep Dish came together as a new women's team formed by Emilee LeDonne and Nicole Cantello. They started the team after playing on Medusa, which was another women's team at the time. Emilee and Nikki were looking for a women's team that could really foster and grow women's ultimate.

At first, the team name was making a Chicago reference to our pizza style, but then we realized the name made a lot of sense for the characteristics of a women's ultimate team. A frisbee is a "dish"; a pass could be called a "dish"; and "dish" can be slang for a girl that has it all. So we are dishes, from a city that serves the dish, we play with a dish, and we like to dish it out on the field! Years later, we shortened the name to Dish.

Since 2000, we have continued to build upon on the founding vision of Deep Dish by providing a team that supports each other while playing ultimate.

Why choose women's ultimate?
Emilee's response from a 2010 Ultimate Chicago article, which still applies today: “Responsibility, personal contribution, personal development, and just love of women’s ultimate. I just enjoy what’s unique about women’s ultimate—I think there’s a unique bond formed by the players when you take men out of the equation; I think women have a lot to learn from each other, and in a unique way; I think we have a commitment to help each other grow. And I think if I played coed I would be bailing on all the women who need to be developed in an all female environment—it is clearly the best environment for women new to the sport to grow as players surrounded by other women.”